Payment options

1. Pay cash...

2. To pay directly into a bank account, enter your e-mail address to receive an auto-responder e-mail with our banking details:

If preferred, you may set up 'Pay Any-one' for any of the services offered in 3., 4. and 5 below.

3. Buy a Basic Service/Support Subscription through Paypal for 60 minutes of support each month.

Recommended for Drupal web site owners. Includes the timely installation and application of provided bug fixes and security patches as required.

AUD$25.00 per month

paypal [at] clemens [dot] vermeulen [dot] name">


4. Buy a Service/Support Subscription through Paypal for 90 minutes of support each month @ AUD$50.00 per month.
paypal [at] clemens [dot] vermeulen [dot] name">


5. Pay AUD$50.00 through for 60 minutes of casual support.
paypal [at] clemens [dot] vermeulen [dot] name">
6. Pay an invoice or any amount through
paypal [at] clemens [dot] vermeulen [dot] name">

Thank you!

Submitted by Clemens on Sat, 17/05/2008 - 13:32.

You should receive an e-mail with our banking details shortly.

Best regards,

Clemens Vermeulen

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