Firewall Server

A Firewall Server is situated between your internal network and the Internet and securely and efficiently protects your internal network against hackers, break-ins and other vagaries of the internet.

The typical Firewall Server set up by Clemens may also provide the following services:

  • E-mail Server*:

    1. Send and receive e-mail directly to/from the remote e-mail server located anywhere in the world.
    2. Use e-mail addresses specifically set up to ONLY reach your office/branch through a subdomain like ''.
    3. All computers on the internal network use this firewall/server to send and receive e-mail, thereby improving performance and privacy.
    4. Easily add/remove e-mail addresses or change passwords 'on the fly' through a simple web page as desired.
  • Proxy Server: Speed up access to the internet and reduce bandwith consumption by using a caching proxy server. Significant performance improvement may be noticed especially on frequently visited sites.
  • Authentication Server: Whatever device people may connect to your network now or in the future, they will only get access to your network after successfully authenticating on your network with an (authorised) user name and STRONG password.
  • 24/7/365 Remote Monitoring: for performance and maintenance accessible only by us through a secure, encrypted SSH tunnel.

Use this feedback form, e-mail or call for a quote or to discuss your specific requirements.

* E-mail server availability is subject to your ISP's Terms of Service Agreement.

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